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Sylvain Vallee

Sylvain Vallee had a love of music at a very young age though he didn’t take an interest in playing the piano until the age of seven. His first piano lessons were seemingly short lived as he only took two with the elderly lady who lived downstairs. Every time Sylvain played a wrong note she would smack his hand with a ruler. Being a sensitive soul he stopped taking lessons with her.

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That didn’t stop Sylvain’s desire to play piano. Later on in middle school he would spend most of his lunch hours in the music room playing the piano though he didn’t know what notes he was playing as he improvised everything. He was a conduit for original compositions.

Sylvain didn’t get his own piano until the age of fifteen and shortly after started again taking lessons with Janet Leighfield and then Madeleine Maine, who had studied at the Paris Conservatory in France. Under her tutelage and guidance, Sylvain went on to win several gold ribbons at the North Bay Kiwanis Festival. Two years in a row he was promoted to the Ontario Provincial Finals and the Canadian Nationals.

He later auditioned for the Associateship Performance Program at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. There were over 500 who auditioned and Mr. Vallee was one of the nine chosen. There he studied piano with Earl Moss as well as taking many other musicianship classes.

After a couple decades of touring and playing music in various genres, Mr. Vallee moved to the Okanagan area in B.C. and began directing a cappella pop choirs.

Sylvain is also a singer/songwriter, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, conductor, audio engineer and renaissance man.

As an international recording artist and television composer, Sylvain’s music has been heard by millions around the globe. Sylvain’s classically influenced new age CD’s, “Portraits From The Wilderness” and “Timeless Journey”, have reached audiences in Asia, Europe and North America. Many of you have felt the emotional undercurrent of many of Mr. Vallee’s compositions when you were watching TV shows such as “America’s Most Wanted”, “Dateline”, “CNN”, “MTV News” and so on.